History, Origin, Story And Purpose of Wedding Rings


Wedding Ring Story :-

Everyone dreams of having a good life partner.

A Wedding is an Occasion which makes your dream come true.

Everyone wants to make this a memorable event of their life.

There are Various Traditions attached to the wedding like Exchanging of rings, 7 vows etc.

But Have you ever think about the Whole concept behind the wedding rings i.e.

What is the Origin, History and Purpose of wedding rings ?

why wear a wedding ring

How  this Small ring becomes a Billion Dollar Industry and Various Top Jewellery Brands in the World Boosts their sales within a short span of time


There is a lot of debate going on the HISTORY OF WEDDING RINGS Or Wedding rings story

How this Whole Concept Comes in Picture

Some people say that it’s an Old age tradition.

Some believe that its around 4800 years ago tradition comes from EGYPT.

Many ancient Cultures Believes that the circle is the Symbol of Eternity with No Beginning and No End.

A ring is a Symbol of love which you gives to your life partner.


First Ring was Exchange in Rome around 4800 years ago. The Couple exchange braided rings fashioned from hemp or reeds.

As the material used in braided rings does not last long so finally it is decided to replace it with the fragile band made with leather, bone or ivory.

The more expensive the ring the more love was being shown.

As the value of the ring represents the net worth of the giver.

The ring is worn on the fourth finger it is believed that the vein in the fourth finger is directly connected to the heart. As placement of ring on the fourth finger seems logical.

In Various Cultures there is a ritual of wearing a wedding ring on right hand, the hand that is used for oaths and if we talk about oath then it basically means commitment towards something that why in some is believed that the wedding is more of a commitment between the two to support each other in their good or bad times

Type of Wedding rings throughout history:-

Puzzle Rings:-

In Ancient time somewhere in the middle east, a man would gift his wife a puzzle ring. This ring includes several rings, that need to be worn together which formed one cohesive band. The concept behind this ring is trust and faithfulness. It was believed that if the women take of this wedding rings it would not able to wear it back, Therefore with this, her husband gets to know that his wife is faithful or not.

Gimmel ring:-

This ring is popular in Europe during the 1500 and 1600s. This ring includes two metal bands which get interlocked. This ring is exchanged on the Engagement, the concept behind this ring is that one band is worn by the bride and another ring is worn by the groom at the engagement ring and at the day of wedding groom merge these two bands and give it to the bride.

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