Useful Tips to Prevent Screws from Loosening Overtime

screw loosening overtime

A Screw is a cylindrical shaped device with threads on its body. Screws are used to hold objects together and used in a wide variety of industries from automobiles to cell tower antennas. The main problem industries face is loosening of the screws over time. Depending on the applications, screw loosening has profound consequences. Screws can become loose due to vibration or insufficient friction and arise a big problem like damage to the whole machine or damage to the equipment. It’s really necessary to understand the reasons for Loosening of Screws and how to prevent screws from loosening Overtime.

How to Prevent Bolt Screws from Loosening With Time 

 If a screw becomes loose, it can arise a big problem for anyone. Due to stress screws get loose in wood, cause damage to complete wooden work. In metals, due to vibration screws get loose, resulting in stripped threads. Fortunately, you can prevent screws from loosening with the help of these expert tips. 

Apply the Locking Glue On The Threads

One of the best methods for preventing the loosening of the Screw and Nut, you can apply thread locking glue on the screw threads before installing it. After that tighten the screw as per the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. If you over tighten the screw, this can result in stripping screws, damaging pre-tapped threading and snapping screw heads. Allow the glue to get dry before it holds the tension. 

Fill Screw Hole With Additional Material You can fill the screw hole with the extra material to increase the friction. If you’re working on a wooden, use the match stick and break its end part and use in the hole or if a hole is a large use many match sticks before reinstalling the screw. Also, you can use thread locking glue to keep the screw tight. 

To prevent bolt screws from loosening, you need the right screw, right torque specification and the right tools. Thread lockers and Lock Washers are again important things to keep your screws and bolts tight. However, the cost will be increased and most of them are used only once. These extra costs can be avoided if you use the right size screws and bolts.  

We hope our tips will help you prevent the loosening of screws over time and keep you free from all hassles of leakage, breakages or equipment breakdowns. 

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